What Is Ansaldo STS

Around the world, Ansaldo STS supports its clients to create and develop more reliable and sustainable networks that simplify urban mobility and solve the challenges of today's population and cities rapid growth.

From passenger rail systems to freight transportation networks, and from urban to intercity and cross-border high speed lines, we design and deploy cutting-edge technologies to meet operators’ needs and optimize performance. We plan, design, manufacture, install and commission products and systems that move the world forward.

The group is an industry leader in signaling and transport systems with a worldwide presence across Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Western Europe, North Africa, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

Operating throughout the world as a lead contractor, system integrator and turnkey supplier of the largest Railway/Mass Transit and Freight rail systems, Ansaldo STS provides traffic management, train control, signaling systems and maintenance services, all with the goal of achieving safety and efficiency for its clients and end-users.

Ansaldo STS  is an industry leader in signaling and integrated transport systems for both freight and passenger rail. We plan, design, manufacture, install and commission leading-edge products and systems that move the world forward.

Our Headquarters

  • Italy Headquarters
  • France Headquarters
  • USA Headquarters
  • Australia Headquarters
  • China Headquarters

Contact Information


Below is the contact information for each of our five main headquarters.


  • Via Paolo Mantovani, 3 - 5
  • 16151 Genoa
  • Italy
  • Tel: +39 010 655 2111
  • Email: info@ansaldo-sts.com


  • 4 Avenue du Canada
  • CS 70243
  • 91978 Courtaboeuf Cedex - FRANCE
  • Tel: (33) (0)1 69 29 65 65


  • 1000 Technology Drive
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15219-3120
  • Tel:(412)688-2400

Customer Service

  • Tel: 1-800-652-7276
  • Email: Iona.Cooper@ansaldo-sts.us


  • 11 Viola Place
  • PO Box 1168
  • Eagle Farm, Brisbane QLD 4009
  • Australia
  • Tel: +61 7 3868 9333
  • Email: info@ansaldo-sts.com.au


  • Room 808, Tower A, Grand Central Plaza
  • No. 11 Dong Zhi Men South Ave. Dongcheng District
  • Beijing, 100007, China
  • Tel: +86 010 5763 6609
  • Email: infobeijing@ansaldo-sts.com